An analytical study of educational philosophy and practices in islam (Paperback)

An analytical study of educational philosophy and practices in islam By Badarul Islam Mohammed Akbar Cover Image

An analytical study of educational philosophy and practices in islam (Paperback)


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Education is some thing men argue about. It is praised and more oftenly blamed too, for what happens to man, nation, and humanity at large. We often listen the words, 'ought' and 'must' in educational discussions, this brings education on top of our agenda. One feels that something different must be done from what is being done.

The entire humanity today is in an earnest quest for such way of life, which can save it form the dangers of being wiped out completely form the surface of earth, mainly due to invention of deadly weapons of mass destructions and materialistic philosophy of life, which is divide of morality.

The unplanned scientific and technological advancement on one hand makes human life luxurious, but on the other hand its drastic effects on environment in the form of global warming, green house effect, erosion of ozone layer etc. are proving fatal for human life. Industrialization and urbanization also has added to the peril of humanity. This alarming situation prevails due to those dualistic life philosophies which have not only cut the very root of faith, but also breeding behind materialism, individualism, hedonism, egoism, etc. Moreover these philosophies have created strong apathy towards moral values. As a matter of fact no society can survive without moral values for a long time. Due to complete materialistic approach of life, the thirst for material luxury of human beings has no limits nowadays. Consequently we are witnessing an unending chain of social and moral evils surfacing with such a speed that human intellect is amazed at it.

Today at this juncture of human history, where it has gained a lot of experience of its past, and has tried and tested various ways of life. (Isms of life) propounded by a number of individuals, humanity stand at the cross road astonished. Man today is in need of such a way of life, which cannot only elevate individual human beings; but can also transform the whole society. He,

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