Islamic concept of human rights a critical evaluation (Paperback)

Islamic concept of human rights a critical evaluation By Hoda Imtiazul Cover Image

Islamic concept of human rights a critical evaluation (Paperback)


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"Human Rights in Islam", is a topic of study and research gain currency in the contemporary Muslim world. Islam the religion of nature {din al-fitrah), fulfils all he requirements of individual and society in the light of revealed teachings, which are in complete consonance with the reason. The Holy Qur'an emphasises upon all the human values to be granted to all the human beings irrespective of culture and religion and the Prophet of Islam in his last sermon publicly announced the implementation of human rights in the society, which is the first well documented and fully ensured charter of human rights in the world. Due to importance and usefulness of the topic, a number of scholars tried best to discuss the issue in hand, Muhammad Salahuddin of Pakistan in 's monumental work in Urdu entitled ''Bunyadi Huquq" has made a systematic study of the issue and has covered most of the aspects relating to it. Being the book in Urdu language, it is out of range to the English-speaking people. Dr. Shaikh Shaukat Hussain in his book '"'Human Rights in Islam", emphasises mainly on the ideal model of state, consiiunion of state, concept and scope of human rights, and the western approach of human rights are all in the legal perspective. Parveen Shaukat Ali, in her work "Human Rights in Islam", has provided evidences to show that, within the general boundaries of Shariah, Islam provides the maximiun scope for the freedom of human will and makes popular participation obligatory in all those decisions, which affect the life of all community as a whole. She has elaborated the concepts of equality, liberty, participation, minorities and property in Islamic framework, in order to provide certain pertinent reminders for Muslim leaders so that, they can maintain the present momentum of Islamic revival and,

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