Being Muslim Today: Reclaiming the Faith from Orthodoxy and Islamophobia (Paperback)

Being Muslim Today: Reclaiming the Faith from Orthodoxy and Islamophobia By Saqib Iqbal Qureshi Cover Image

Being Muslim Today: Reclaiming the Faith from Orthodoxy and Islamophobia (Paperback)


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"Qureshi promotes a moderate and inclusive view of contemporary Islam, with the intellectual underpinnings to support it." - Booklist, Starred Review

Accessible introduction to Islam and the Qur'an that explains how Muslims live and avoids the extremes of Orthodoxy and Islamophobia.

The truths of every religion are typically challenged and re-written, serving as potent grounds for some of history's most enduring debates and conflicts. Perhaps no other religious tradition suffers as much from the dualistic fallacy of good and evil than does Islam. What does it mean to be Muslim today? Orthodoxy's interpretation is idyllic and omniscient, simplistic to a fault. Islamophobes at the opposite end of the spectrum, cultivating damaging stereotypes that present a religion that most Muslims cannot relate to.

In Being Muslim Today: Reclaiming the Faith from Orthodoxy and Islamophobia, bestselling author Dr. Saqib Qureshi silences the noise that obscures the message of Islam. He provides a compelling and accurate presentation of the faith's beginnings, its evolution throughout the last 1,400 years, and its relevance for today. Being Muslim Today simplifies complicated academic debates and reveals the heart and soul of a growing faith tradition that claims more than two billion adherents.

Chapters include lucid discussions of the origins of Islam, the Prophet Muhammed, and the rise of Islam through the ages. Qureshi also describes the twin perils of Orthodoxy and Islamophobia, both of which, he contends, badly misinterpret the true message of the faith. In a final chapter, Qureshi confronts the stereotype of Islam as an inherently violent religion, asking the West to hold a mirror to its own voracious appetite for conflict and colonization. Throughout, Qureshi encourages Muslims to reject pious certitude―the faithful must acknowledge the diversity of approaches and principals in the Islamic tradition, he writes, and adopt an attitude of theological humility. Some things are simply unknowable.

Dr. Saqib Iqbal Qureshi is a bestselling author, angel investor, film producer, and Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he received his PhD in International Relations and Epistemology. With work featured in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Spectator, Entrepreneur, and The Independent. Qureshi has produced two films and, in 1996, the BBC Two documentary, Al Dawaah, the first television documentary about the Muslim community in any Western country. He is the author of The Broken Contract and Reconstructing Strategy. See
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