The Unthinkable Alliance: A Marriage of Ideological Convenience (Paperback)

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Conner Phoenix, a Detective with the Miami Dade Police Department, found himself assisting with an interview on a minor narcotics offense. He agreed to help out due to his fluency with Farsi, Arabic. The interview morphed into a full blown international investigation. Conner found himself at the right place at the right time. His liaison and FBI handler, Casey Maclemore, utilized Conner's talents in order infiltrate a growing domestic and international 'Network' focused on making their mark in history.

Conner is introduced into the prison system as an undercover operative. His orders were to gain information and intelligence on the players and motives of the 'Network' and how they are financed. As it turns out, Agent Casey Maclemore was on the right trail by initially identifying Khalid Sheik Hakeem, or the "Good Doctor" as a person of interest.

Conner must use his training, experience, and some luck in order to find out exactly how this Network is financed and organized. The money trail leads to Jewish artifacts and priceless art thought to be lost during WWII. The prison gangs have organized and united as they are enamored with a man of international intrigue and charisma. The persons leading this Network are just as intriguing. Ulrich Histler, purported son of Adolf Hitler and Ava Bruhn who is operating with Hans Kammler, Jr. the ostensible son of Hans Kammler who was the former Nazi SS Engineer of the German Secret Weapons Program. They have secured patents on a special transport vehicle developed by the Germans during the war. They have other resources available that seemingly only Adolf Hitler would have had access to. They both are conspiring to right their father's previous misgivings however; their 'Network's' nefarious intentions and behaviors are questionable.

Detective Conner Phoenix and Special Agent Casey Maclemore are attempting to put together a prosecutable case against the Network for espionage, murder, illegal arms trading, and supporting terrorism. Unfortunately, Israel and Palestine find themselves in a historically precarious situation, yet again.

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ISBN: 9780998153711
ISBN-10: 0998153710
Publisher: Christopher J. Wihbey, Sr.
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 418
Language: English
Series: Unthinkable Alliance